“Oh yes, hello there, I’d like to order a hundred more of these signs, please. … Where? All over the place. Thanks.” (Aaron Tait, flickr)
A bullet hole remained in the window of an Isla Vista coffee shop for years after the rampage. (Sam Goldman)

The first “incel” rampage brewed in an idyllic California college town. Five years later, Isla Vista still copes with its darkest chapter.

I. Tragedy

Clive Lodge, mid-’60s
The Hoh River, near Forks

Ish holds the WWE Title next to a cardboard cutout of wrestling icon Triple H at 2019’s WrestleMania. (Ish Lihinag-Tam photo)

Photo by Sam Goldman

Sam Goldman

Writer, journalist, generally creative person, latte aficionado || San Francisco || samuelgoldman.net || T: @Sam__Goldman

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